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Apple Store Online Cerrada… ¿iPad Air 2 y Mini 3 a la vista ?

Apple closes the Apple Online Store Are iPad Mini 3 and Air 2 coming?

This afternoon’s Keynote is not far away and as Apple has got us used to it, it’s time to close the Apple Store. Many rumors about what may come at 19.00h (Iberian Peninsula time), all the rumors point to the new iPad Air 2 and Mini 3, a new version of iOS 8 that solves the problems and a new iMac with Retina Display HD.

The usual closing of the Store is the beginning of each keynote, in this case we can read a We’ll be right back. This makes the fanboys already start to get nervous waiting for the next news, some of them we already know thanks to the mistake Apple has made.

What could Apple present in today’s Keynote?

Apple Store Online Cerrada… ¿iPad Air 2 y Mini 3 a la vista ?
Apple Store Online Cerrada… ¿iPad Air 2 y Mini 3 a la vista ?

The error of the Cupertino’s publishing an iOS 8.1 guide with the iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 gives us a good clue of what we can expect in the keynote that starts soon. The error screenshots show us that both tablets will have designs almost identical to their previous models, incorporating the Touch ID. In addition to this the leak points to a more powerful processor, A8X, an improvement in the camera that could include the burst option enjoyed by the latest iPhone models.

The iPad Air 2, as we have published these days in iPadizate, could have 2 GB of RAM, which would give enough power to be able to run the so longed for by some split screen multitasking . Another remarkable rumour is a Retina HD resolution, but that many have discarded since this requires a more powerful chip. Another remarkable leak we could see thanks to the motherboard leak is that it will carry a 16 GB Hynix flashj module. This means that it will have at least 16GB of capacity as pointed out from MacRumors,

Rumours are that the Mini 3 will have an A8 chip, Touch ID and 2GB of RAM, something that will undoubtedly delight many and will be positioned among the best models on the market. The new Mini 3 could have three colors, silver, special gray and gold and come with an 8 megapixel camera. Another novelty is that although it seems difficult, the company would reduce its thickness by 30%. As for the price, we do not have many data but everything points to the fact that it could increase about 50 euros with respect to the current Mini 2.

Launch of OS X Yosemite, iMac 5k, Apple Pay?

Apple has already given the possibility of downloading OS X Yosemite’s Golden Master to the developers since a few days ago, which suggests that it will be released today. From it we can expect many new features but also changes in the user interface, with a cleaner interface but everything remains to be seen.

Another big rumor we’ll probably see in half an hour is a 27-inch 5k resolution iMac coming out later this year. As for Apple Pay, we will probably have news today about its future, since everything points to its release on the 20th of this month. We are also expecting news in the Maps with a big update, but as we said all that will be revealed in just a few minutes.

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