Apple Store is closed… you’re kidding, right?

Well, yes, it’s a joke, but it’s not me who makes it, but my own Apple . Please, someone explain to me why an online store needs to close for hours every time Steve Jobs decides to bless us with a Keynote (and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy them as much as anyone else).

How is it possible that a company capable of revolutionizing computing with the first home computers, of laying the foundations of graphic operating systems, of having the audiovisual industry eating out of hand while reinventing itself with the free one of mobile telephony? how is it possible that they are not able to update their shop without having to hang up the well-known closing sign … Any ideas? Well, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had some myself:

  • Steve Jobs is a hottie and likes to make us suffer. – “Hey, hey! The Apple store’s closed!” – “No problem, I’ll spend the next four hours pressing F5 every three minutes to see if there’s any news as soon as it reopens.”
  • Apple not only manufactures its equipment in China, it also has a few children exploited during the day in a Gold Farm who work overtime at night modifying the company’s website. That would explain last month’s or this month’s gadgets, with ridiculous French translations and French paragraphs on the Spanish website.
  • Apple is very considerate of the clueless and I don’t want to burden the after-sales service with complaints. You never read Apple, it’s been a month since you’ve checked the news about technology and you’ve never heard of the MacRumors shopping guide… you pass by the store to buy a laptop and minutes after swiping your credit card you discover that it’s just been renewed for a better, prettier, cheaper one and that it even floats. You’d certainly have reason to be pissed off.
  • Or most likely of all, it’s a marketing strategy. I challenge you to give me a single example of another online store or not that generates such a volume of emails, twitts and widespread blog activity just by putting a dirty gif with a message written on a post-it. It’s ridiculous!
Apple Store is closed… you’re kidding, right?
Apple Store is closed… you’re kidding, right?

What about you guys? Do you think it’s because of any of these four reasons? Can you think of any more? Or will it still be a mystery at the height of the Bermuda Triangle or the date when Google will take Gmail out of its beta?

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