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Apple Store in Ginza, Tokyo

Ambiphonic de Zeropage en Jamendo.

If there’s one thing you realize about being in Japan and being geek enough to notice, it’s the absolute devotion to the apple brand in the country. I haven’t done the relevant market research, but Apple beats brands that should be more established in Japan, like Sony for example.

Apple Store in Ginza, Tokyo
Apple Store in Ginza, Tokyo

When you get off the subway in Ginza and go out to the street, if you are lucky enough to go on a Saturday, where they cut the street off completely from the traffic, you immediately feel the presence of the Apple building. As you go along you see it suddenly emerge standing out from the others.

In this video I try to take a tour of all the floors of the Apple Store, although in the conference room there was a press pass for the Keynote on the 9th and they only let the press in. It was sneaked out so I had to hang the camera around my neck and hide it while recording.

Overall it is a smaller store than the one in Regent Street in London, although by occupying an entire building it draws much more attention than this one.