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Apple Store Covent Garden, more than just a store

Although all of Apple’s physical stores, the Apple Stores, are intended to do the same thing: make money; we could say that there are two kinds of stores, some of which are intended only to sell, the current Engineer’s store is a good example of one of those stores intended only to sell products.


Apple Store Covent Garden, more than just a store
Apple Store Covent Garden, more than just a store

And others that we could frame under a different style, stores thought more for your visit, learning or even to pass the time and not only to go exclusively to make purchases .

Among the latter we can highlight some of the most beautiful in the world, which we have already commented on other occasions, and in the shops that I have been able to visit, that of Covent Garden is by far the one that most exploits this concept of a learning shop.

What does an Apple Store have to have to be an education store and not a retail store? Easy, or an auditorium (some of the best have them) or better yet, an entire floor of the store dedicated solely and exclusively to education.

The Apple Store in Covent Garden has one floor, specifically the second floor, dedicated solely to training and learning. Here we can find both the Genius area and a section of about 10 tables designed for courses and personal talks .

In each of these tables they give different courses, one of the most surprising is the one of GarageBand since they are kind enough to give a MacBook Pro, a MIDI keyboard and even a B&W headset to each of the attendees, a set that exceeds 2000 euros per person.

Logically, they are free courses, although they require an appointment since they only give courses to a maximum of 10 people at a time, due to space and material limitations.

In addition to this section, the store has a rather curious detail that differentiates it from the rest of the company’s stores: it is anything but diaphanous. Most Apple stores tend to be open spaces without separations and with spaces defined only by tables.

This Apple Store is just the opposite, an almost labyrinthine 3-story store with lots of aisles, sections, arches. Let’s say they wanted to keep the original structure of the building and that gives it some quite curious characteristics and shapes that are radically different from anything the company is known for.

Again Apple has managed to create more than just a store, it is also beginning to be an icon for many tourists who visit the area, you just have to check how all the computers that are not used for learning are full of tourists.


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