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Apple Store Continues to Lead in Retail

According to recent statistics shared by analysts eMarketer and CoStar, Apple’s retail stores continue to be among the most profitable in the world. The exact information, which is agreed upon by different sources, is that the technology giant generates $5,546 in profit per square meter.

Although this year’s numbers show a decrease from previous cycles, this is quite light, and we are still talking about attractive numbers at this point.

Apple Store Continues to Lead in Retail
Apple Store Continues to Lead in Retail

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According to 9to5mac In 2011, Apple was found to be the largest retailer with $5,626 in sales per square foot, while a 2012 study showed an increase in sales to $6,050 per square meter

On this list, Cupertino shares top spots with other giants, though none related to the world of technology, among them, jewelry store Tiffany & Co, with sales of $2,951 per square foot and top gasoline retailer Murphy USA with $3,721 per square meter. The leading apparel retailer is Lululemon Athletica at $1,560 per square meter.

It is not surprising that in the next few years this news will continue to be repeated for Apple despite competition from e-commerce stores and authorized third parties; it is clear that the company is making an effort to maintain a presence in most destinations around the world, opening new stores in countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, Dubai, Mexico and the United States.

Along with this news, the eyes of the brand’s followers are still waiting for the next iPhone, a device that so far is moving among strong rumors that predict new developments, but also predict considerable delays with respect to the dates of shipments.

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Will these arrive in time to continue filling the Apple Stores? Leave it in the comments