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Apple stops signing iOS 13.2.2, it’s time to upgrade to iOS 13.2.3

¿Sigue teniendo sentido el jailbreak? Podría llegar pronto a iOS 13

Los Chips A12 y A13 como objetivo de estás actualizaciones si hablamos de Jailbreak

Debido a un conocido fallo en los procesadores del A11 hacía atrás, estos serán siempre vulnerables de sufrir jailbreak en los dispositivos que los implementen, independientemente de las actualizaciones de Apple. Son los nuevos dispositivos, los lanzados el pasado 2018 y este mismo 2019 los que por el momento no tienen ningún bypass que les permita ser modificados no oficialmente, y son estos dispositivos el objetivo de Apple a la hora de prevenir versiones no oficiales de iOS.

Apple stops signing iOS 13.2.2, it’s time to upgrade to iOS 13.2.3
Apple stops signing iOS 13.2.2, it’s time to upgrade to iOS 13.2.3

¿Y tú qué opinas de que Apple deje de firmar las versiones anteriores de su sistema operativo móvil? Déjanos tu opinión en la sección de comentarios.

Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.2.2 in order to get its last remaining users to update to iOS 13.2.3, which has been available for approximately 2 weeks. Apple is using this practice as a preventive method to jailbreak, and it also forces its users to keep their devices with the latest versions in order to enjoy the latest security patches.

Improvements and solutions in this small update

iOS 13.2.3 was released to fix small bugs found in its previous version , including annoying problems with recovering old emails or bugs related to the native iOS messaging application that prevented us from correctly viewing images, links and other attachments that we submitted for it.

Preventing jailbreak as a background reason

Apple usually stops signing previous versions of its operating system to avoid possible downgrades that would allow jailbreak of its devices. This measure, although controversial, makes a lot of sense and is a way to prevent this kind of practice. It is also a practice that makes its users use the latest version available, thus ensuring that the best security and troubleshooting features are available.

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