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Apple stops offering iPhone 4 in India


Earlier this year Apple decided to re-launch the iPhone 4 in India in an attempt to maintain market share in the phone market. It did so through the 8GB iPhone 4 and today we learned that they have decided to stop offering the phone for no apparent logical reason.

Apple stops offering iPhone 4 in India
Apple stops offering iPhone 4 in India

The relaunch of iPhone 4 in the Asian country was due in part to the agreement with national operators to be able to offer their customers an iOS device at a low price. This agreement expired a few days ago and although it could be the reason for the withdrawal, it is strange that in a market as interesting as the Indian one the Cupertino’s have not tried to continue offering a device aimed at maintaining the loyalty of the brand’s users.

What could be happening then? Well, clearly the iPhone 6 . The evidence of the manufacture of the new device is everywhere, which means that the Apple factories are immersed in the production of the iPhone 6, in addition to the other previous versions that are still sold in the rest of the world. The lack of stock of iPhone 4 and the impossibility to continue manufacturing it due to the new version would be a totally logical and normal explanation, which would have led to this withdrawal.

What could be Apple’s strategy in India now? Continue to move forward in the device chain and put the iPhone 4S as an input device combined with the agreements with Indian operators. Although looking at the previous strategies, for this to happen the launch of iPhone 6 will have to have taken place earlier so as not to cause a major devaluation in previous versions.