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Apple Starts Using Its Maps in “Find My iPhone”

iCloud receives Apple’s “Find My iPhone” maps

Apple continues to work hard to reduce its reliance on Google maps, as its own maps gradually improve and grow. If we do a little memory, we will remember that it all started with the arrival of iOS 6 when the company made the decision to replace the Google Maps application with its own maps, which have been the target of numerous criticisms.

During the last keynote that took place on June 2nd, the new iOS 8 was presented, which will be available to all users in autumn, but the company’s mapping application was left out of these improvements due to some internal political problems of the company . Although it seems that their developers have made the decision to go ahead and face Google again.

Apple Starts Using Its Maps in “Find My iPhone”Apple Starts Using Its Maps in “Find My iPhone”

The “Find My iPhone” app in iOS uses Apple maps to find devices that are associated with an Apple ID, but the web version of iCloud still used Google maps. That has now changed and the clearest evidence of this is that this version of Find my iPhone is now using the service of its own maps .

Apple’s maps go the distance

For the moment we’ll start by telling you that if you want to access iCloud services through your web browser and see the “new” Apple maps, you’ll have to do so by accessing the address (the usual address is not available at the moment and leads to the company’s main website), which proves that it is currently in the testing phase. Perhaps the final launch of this service is just a matter of time .

Apple is making real efforts to improve its mapping service in recent times, hiring new engineers from around the world, as well as looking for a completely revamped interface for the application. Perhaps all these delays we’ve been experiencing so far will help us see a lot of new things in the app.

Let’s hope that soon good news will come for all users and that at the end of this road (which we hope will be close) we will be able to enjoy what Apple promised us one day: quality maps without so many problems. And you, do you think that the apple will make all its users forget about the Google maps application once and for all?