Apple starts manufacturing the iPhone in India

Following a press release, Apple has announced that they have taken the first step and are manufacturing their first iPhone SE terminals in India . This looks like a strategic move by Cupertino to increase the number of sales in the Asian country .

Apple is aware that sales are falling in China , one of the most important countries and pillars for the company, since its terminals are manufactured there. Last year, sales worldwide rose by 3% , which is not bad at all, but if we take into account that the growth in India last year was 16% , that 3% from just a moment ago does not look so good.

Apple starts manufacturing the iPhone in India
Apple starts manufacturing the iPhone in India

In the coming weeks, the apple company, will release a limited number of iPhone SE , but Apple plans to increase the number of units if sales go according to plan.

Apple’s cheapest terminal, the iPhone SE , was manufactured a month ago, according to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal . The company has not yet announced the price that it could have, since the average price of a smartphone in India today would be around $155, although in the U.S. catalog the iPhone SE, worth about $400 and in Spain the 32GB terminal costs 489 euros.

The smartphone sector is dominated, without any possible competition, by Chinese manufacturers ,which are the ones who occupy 50% of the entire world market and Samsung has a quarter of the total.

It has also been revealed that some Indian distributors are selling the iPhone SE for $320 , although to attract the middle class of the country, Apple is planning to reduce the price by $100 to make this process successful. Due to the good location and the cheap production in India, lowering the cost and adjusting the prices, could considerably lower the price of the terminal and thus have more reach and market for sale.

At Apple, telephone terminals, iPads, Macs, etc. have always had a problem for which very few were lucky enough to acquire one; its high price . If everything goes well and Apple sees a big profit margin, because manufacturing in India will allow them to make and ship products worldwide more affordably , we could be much more affordable with a device from this company .

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