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Apple starts Christmas with a new ad

Christmas is coming up and it’s time to go shopping, so it’s a good time to launch a new ad, just like Apple has done.

In this new video we can see how they are trying to boost the desire for iPhone X and the comfort of AirPods .

Apple starts Christmas with a new adApple starts Christmas with a new ad

The scene has its romantic soul, where a girl bumps into a boy while dancing in the street, from there, the magic is awakened.

With this new announcement, Apple wants to promote a world of freedom , a world without wires. In one of the sequences, the girl offers him one of her AirPods, where he can start dancing.

In the video we can see several aspects of the new iPhone X, such as the security system Face ID , , , , , and the wireless connectivity of the AirPods themselves.

The video seems to show a message of desire , where we would be the ones to choose. In the final part of the video, we can see the boy and the girl about to kiss to finish the commercial, but at the end, each one continues his way.

We already know that Apple usually works a lot on their advertising campaigns, where they don’t usually sell us a device, sells us experiences . In this case, the iPhone X is barely visible in order to have in the foreground an experience of freedom, of exception, of satisfaction.

These are the values that could represent the new iPhone X among customers who wish to purchase it this Christmas. We leave you to judge for yourself this Apple Christmas ad .

What did you think of the ad? Did you like it? Will you buy some AirPods or the new iPhone X?