Apple starts a new marketing campaign to update your old iPhone

If you have an iPhone from 2017 or earlier you are probably the perfect side for Apple and its new marketing campaign to update your ‘old’ device for a new one: the iPhone XR. Today MacRumors are echoing a series of personalised emails they are sending out from Apple to users to update their old iPhone to a new one.

In this email they are reaching out to users that they know have an old iPhone they make a comparison of the user’s current iPhone features with the features that the new iPhone XR has. Without a doubt, with this campaign they want to encourage sales of their new iPhone 2018 in view of the allegedly bad sales they have had this Christmas.

Apple starts a new marketing campaign to update your old iPhone
Apple starts a new marketing campaign to update your old iPhone

They no longer know how to get their new devices into the eyes of users, and have decided to pull their own databases to make custom ads. Obviously Apple knows what iPhone you have and if you have for example a 2017 iPhone X they are going to try to get you to buy the iPhone XR by comparing the features of both and obviously highlighting the one presented in 2018.

In the following ad collected in MacRumors we see how the user who has received the mail has an iPhone 6 Plus. In the feature comparison it is highlighted that “more storage for your photos and apps”, “Face ID is much simpler and safer than Touch ID”, “bigger screen than iPhone 6 Plus in a more compact design”…

With this kind of marketing strategies that we had not seen so far we have no doubt that this iPhone is the ‘savior’ of the company for this fiscal year but do not know how to sell it. No doubt the few new features they have incorporated into their new 2018 iPhone have meant that customers do not opt to buy them as I have done, for example.

If you have an iPhone X, and you’re thinking of taking the leap obviously you want to see a feature comparison and you only find slight improvements between one range of iPhone and the next: higher processor speed, a slightly faster Face ID, a slightly better camera and… little more. Because of these features it is obvious that people would rather save the 1000+ euros that an iPhone XS or XS Max costs for a terminal that really includes something new that really makes you think ‘I want it’ and keep their last year’s iPhone that still holds up very well. The reasons to change iPhone without hesitation could be the arrival of a new design, better features like the Touch ID integrated into the screen… But in the design we have already seen that we will see the same until at least 2020.

So far this campaign has only been reported in the US although we certainly hope it will end up reaching the rest of the countries sooner or later. We are facing a slowdown in the mobile phone market and Apple should get back on track and stand out with an incredible iPhone that really deserves the more than 1,000 euros, something that in 2018 they have not achieved.

Possibly in the next few days you will receive an email comparing your device with one of the new ones. Will you end up buying the iPhone XR after this marketing campaign?

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