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Apple sponsors the Powerbeats Pro before its launch

With the launch of iOS 12.2, from 9to5mac they could see that there were references in the code to a new product that had not yet been announced: the PowerBeats Pro, a fully wireless headset from Beats that is very similar to the second generation AirPods that were announced a few days ago. After this exclusive, Apple has decided to start an advertising campaign for these Powerbeats Pro although they have not yet been officially announced by the company.

The ad has been hung in a building in Los Angeles, at the intersection of Sunset and Vine as captured by a 9to5mac reader. In this ad we can see an image of these headphones with the slogan “Totally wireless” under the name “Powerbeats Pro”.

Apple sponsors the Powerbeats Pro before its launch
Apple sponsors the Powerbeats Pro before its launch

As we said, at the moment there is no official launch date although we hope it will be in the next few weeks and more seeing that they have started this advertising campaign. It’s funny that Apple has started an advertising campaign for a product that hasn’t been officially launched yet.

These new Powerbeats Pro would incorporate Apple’s own new H1 chip, identical to the second generation AirPods. That is, we will be able to have a better performance in our connections and invoke our voice assistant through the voice command “Oye Siri”.

The difference between the Powerbeats Pro and the AirPods will be mainly in the design as the Beats alternative has a better grip by having a kind of hook that will ensure that they do not fall out of the ear, perfect for when we are exercising. The price is not exactly known but because of the technologies it incorporates we can easily find it for about 200 dollars.

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We hope that with these announcements from Apple they will take the step to present this accessory in the coming days. Leave your impressions in the comment box.

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