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Apple SIM and Cupertino’s strategy to conquer the operators

With the introduction of the iPad Air 2, Apple included a new feature in the device that many of us had been waiting for since the patent was discovered. I’m talking about the Apple SIM, that mobile operator card that is not really from the operator, but allows us to choose the voice and data plans of any of the operators registered on this SIM .

Although it can also be used for voice, in practice the Apple SIM is being used solely and exclusively for data (check), and there have only been a few operators who have welcomed this new technology with open arms: Sprint, in the United States, and EE in the United Kingdom. In Spain for now the operators have said little to nothing, standing by expectantly to see how the market develops and the requests of users.

Apple SIM and Cupertino’s strategy to conquer the operators
Apple SIM and Cupertino’s strategy to conquer the operators

What is the strategy that Apple will follow with this new SIM? Although it seems obvious, everything that comes out of Cupertino has more than one reading. And here we are to analyze them all.

Either with me or against me

The device is made by me and I want to control its entire usage experience

When the first iPhone was introduced Steve Jobs already commented in the multiple interviews he conducted that he was planning to remove the SIM card . For Jobs, this small piece of plastic only occupied a space inside the device that could be filled with much more useful components for the device and, therefore, for the user. From that the Apple CEO was not able to convince the operators, and had to go through the hoop (not before introducing new sizes in the card as the microSIM and nanoSIM) with all their devices. With all of them, until the arrival of the iPad Air 2.

What has Apple done with the iPad Air 2? Simple, go for free . Perhaps this adjective is too exaggerated since there are many operators who have joined Cooks and company, but the truth is that with the introduction of the Apple SIM since Cupertino has said that do not want to depend on operators . They have sent a clear message: the device is made by me and I want to control all its use experience.

Market pressure

The theory is nice, shiny and might even have a few unicorns jumping through rainbows, but the truth is that although Apple’s step has been brave, it has also been risky . The majority of operators could say no to Apple’s intentions and close themselves off and not support the Apple SIM. The question is, would they dare?

Despite the fact that Android has a dominant position in most markets, Apple has a great brand image , which it knows how to use when it suits you best. An example When did we have visual voicemail in Spain? When Apple introduced it with the first iPhone. And that was only a small feature that operators like Movistar ended up introducing simply because a company like Apple introduced it into the operating system of their devices (and ended up falling into oblivion, it has to be said)

Las operadoras de Europa reticentes a utilizar la nueva Apple SIM, Análisis iPad Air 2, la frontera entre la imaginación y el resultado

The iPad is not a tablet, it is an iPad . The one that more and less wants to have one, so if operators want to get their hands on the ever-widening market of tablets they’re going to have to go through, just like Steve Jobs did with the SIM at the beginning, through the hoop.

If operators want to get their hands on the growing tablet market they will have to go through the hoop. How far could Apple go with this pressure? I could emulate Buzz Lightyear and say that to infinity and beyond, but the truth is that this weapon I mentioned before is not infinite and although it is more than possible that it works in the tablet and iPad market, using it in the phones can mean a jump to the void without parachute s. A parachute that almost certainly will have to endure the rest of the manufacturers supporting this technology. Something that seems, for now we will not see, but as the saying goes “never say of this water I will not drink”, we still end up seeing Samsung implementing a solution similar to the Apple SiM. And that’s when all the users will applaud because we will get rid of that almost antediluvian system that is the SIM card.

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