Apple signs up for Intel’s ultra-portable platform

It’s funny how the tables turn in the business world. AppleInsider y Xataka

According to AppleInsider sources, the two companies could be working hand in hand on the development of various ultra-portable devices based on Intel’s Menlow platform . Specifically, Apple could launch next year a series of products equipped with the Silverthorne 45 nm processor, which would allow them to enjoy the same speed of the second generation Pentium M processors at a considerably lower consumption and at a lower price.

Apple signs up for Intel’s ultra-portable platform
Apple signs up for Intel’s ultra-portable platform

There’s no need to let our imagination run wild as to how this might fit into Apple’s roadmap: a second generation iPhone with 3G or even a device halfway between an iPod touch and a laptop.

Looking even further ahead, Apple’s decision to adopt the Menlow platform suggests a long-term strategy that will place them in an optimal position to transition to their successor in 2009 or 2010. Moorestown , as it is known, will be very similar to Silverthorne only its design will integrate a memory controller, a video encoding-decoding engine and a graphics processor, all on a single chip .

During the demonstrations carried out by Intel, the company chose an ultra-portable PC inspired by the iPhone capable of running for 24 hours without interruption , and it seems that their relationship with Apple is a two-way street.

Finally, a curiosity. Intel has an internal team known as the Apple Group dedicated to collaborating with Apple engineers in the development of products based on Intel technologies. According to Deborah Conrad, vice president and director of the Apple group within Intel, the company’s philosophy is making Intel “think differently” in its own industry : “That’s what’s most interesting about Apple; they look at our technology in a ‘very Apple’ way, so we’re very excited to imagine future devices beyond the iPod” .


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