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Apple signs up an Amazon Video expert

La primera referencia al paquete de servicios de Apple aparece en iOS 13.5.5

Es una gran noticia que Apple TV+ intente diferenciarse, sin embargo los derechos deportivos no son fáciles de conseguir. Hay muchas grandes compañías que luchan por ellos y los contratos se firman por varios años , lo que significa que hasta que no finalicen Apple no podría optar a entrar en la puja. Además en cada país del mundo los derechos se venden a un competidor, por lo que comprarlos en todos puede ser realmente caro. Veremos cómo evoluciona este rumor y si Apple nos da alguna pista en los próximos meses, aunque esta contratación ya es un paso muy importante y demuestra que Apple quiere deportes en directo en Apple TV+.

Apple signs up an Amazon Video expert
Apple signs up an Amazon Video expert

Apple has been working hard lately on its Apple TV+ streaming service and it seems that we have some important news to look forward to. The company is trying to extend the catalogue of its service and we already know that two important releases will arrive soon: the film Greyhound by Tom Hanks and the new one by Martin Scorsese, with Leonardo DiCaprio and De Niro. Not to mention other upcoming releases such as the docuseries about athletes like LeBron James or Usain Bolt.

Little by little Apple is enhancing its platform and soon it could welcome something that its rivals do not have: live sports . It seems that Apple is interested in broadcasting live sports events on Apple TV+ and has just made a new contract that would confirm these rumours.

This is James DeLorenzo, an Amazon Video executive who has led the sports division since 2016 . DeLorenzo was also senior vice president of another Amazon company focused on audio books and storytelling, Audible. Rumor has it that he will now be part of the apple TV+ team and that his mission is focused on sports content.

Sports rights work in strange ways and are usually sold in packages to pay-TV operators. So far Netflix, HBO and other big players have not entered this multi-billion-a-year market . However, Apple seems to want to enter fully into the sports market and might be trying to reach an agreement to broadcast college football.

DeLorenzo will work in the Apple TV+ team to lead sport-related projects offering his extensive experience working on Amazon with this type of content. In the past we’ve heard rumors related to the arrival of live sports to Apple TV+, although it may not be something we see in the short term.

This could be a way to differentiate Apple TV+ from other competitors. Currently Apple only has a handful of original series and movies, approximately 30 titles, which makes it very difficult to compete with giants like Netflix. However if Apple incorporates sports content and allows to follow live games its platform will be very different from its competitors and could help its growth.

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