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Apple signs NASA Augmented Reality expert Jeff Norris


Jeff Norris is an expert in augmented reality and virtual reality. He has worked on several projects over the years, including a special project for NASA in which using mixed (augmented and virtual) reality has allowed the astronauts on the International Space Station to communicate with scientists on Earth. All that experience, now seems to have come to Apple .

Apple signs NASA Augmented Reality expert Jeff Norris
Apple signs NASA Augmented Reality expert Jeff Norris

As indicated by Bloomberg, Jeff Norris was hired by Apple earlier this year to be the senior manager of the augmented reality team. Apple is supposed to have an augmented reality team working on its own glasses and future iPhone deployments.

What exactly Jeff Norris is working on at Apple remains a mystery. But given that for a long time Tim Cook and company have championed quality augmented reality for consumers, it is to be expected that the shots will go that way.

During the last two years the company has made several important transfers related to the sector , as well as purchases of startups that have experience in different areas of virtual reality and augmented reality. It is not clear when the first product will be launched Apple’s augmented reality, it is suggested that something could come with the next iPhone, but nothing certain.


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