Apple shows you the new App Store in these amazing videos

Following the release of iOS 11 to the public last Tuesday, Apple has shared a new series of videos on YouTube highlighting the new App Store design. The four videos emphasize all the new features and capabilities of iOS 11 in the App Store.

The design may like it or not, but it doesn’t leave you indifferent. It has been designed in this way to give it more prominence, especially when so many applications of augmented reality are coming out that will give our devices new possibilities.

Apple shows you the new App Store in these amazing videos
Apple shows you the new App Store in these amazing videos

The main video simply highlights the new features of the App Store, including the new card-based interface for easily finding the latest applications . The video also promotes the new features in the App Store, focusing on new applications every day.

Every day, the Today tab of the new App Store will feature must-read stories, helpful tips and tricks, carefully crafted lists and a game and app of the day. The truth is that the new App Store interface looks much cleaner and invites you to log in daily like this.

The three videos highlight a specific finding from the “Today” section of the App Store . There is one that invites you to try out a great game that we already reviewed, Monument Valley 2, another one for you to try out a karaoke at home and a game for kids.

The iOS 11 App Store has a number of enhancements, including a completely new interface with a focus on everyday content. The latest version of iTunes for the desktop no longer offers access to the App Store , so the iOS user now has the only way to discover applications via their mobile device.

Take a look at the new videos and let us know what you think of the new app store in the comments. Do you like the way the content appears? Do you miss the old App Store? See you in the next post.

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