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Apple Should Open iOS to Run Unsigned Apps, According to Pod2g

A few days ago, Pod2g, one of the most popular hackers in the whole Jailbreak scene, released some interesting statements through Twitter. As you all know, Pod2g has been one of the biggest responsible for the release of the last Jailbreak for iOS6, as well as other previous ones, and is considered one of the most active hackers in this world.

Pod2g gives a tip to Apple to end the Jailbreak: launch an alternative version of iOS that allows running unsigned apps

A couple of days ago, the young hacker posted an interesting comment via Twitter in which offered Apple a method to end the Jailbreak. Himself offering a formula to end a tool he has helped create? We don’t know if the tweet had a certain dose of irony or if he really meant it, but here’s the comment for you to judge for yourself.

Apple Should Open iOS to Run Unsigned Apps, According to Pod2g
Apple Should Open iOS to Run Unsigned Apps, According to Pod2g

What Pod2g demands in its two comments is the creation of two versions of the same software: one for people who like to mess around with their iPhone and break the barriers Apple imposes, and another for the rest of the users who are already satisfied with the possibilities of their iPhone.

As a last argument, Pod2g defended that if Apple allows unsigned applications in OS X, why couldn’t it do the same in iOS, since the App Store exists in both platforms.

On a personal note, I think it’s more likely that Apple will release a 5-inch iPhone than launch two versions of iOS. Mainly because of the philosophy that the company has, they want their products to work well, be accurate and stable , and creating software that goes beyond those precepts would go against what Apple has always preached.

As we’ve read in iClarified, there’s sure to be opinions of all kinds, but usually the average iPhone user values things on the level of quality and stability, not so much on the level of customization. What do you think?

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