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Apple ships replacement AirPods with brand new firmware

Si dejaste tu iPhone a reparar, no podrás recuperarlo hasta que se reabran las Apple Store

Entre algunas soluciones, el equipo de soporte ofrece enviar un nuevo par pero advirtiendo que no es posible verificar que la versión de firmware coincida con la que tiene el usuario. Pero esta “solución” aceptada por algunos usuarios, solo ha causado más molestias, ya que algunos no han podido hacer coincidir un par de AirPods funcionales.

Apple ships replacement AirPods with brand new firmware
Apple ships replacement AirPods with brand new firmware

Sin duda, se trata de una situación molesta para los usuarios de AirPods, pero que dadas las condiciones actuales, posiblemente solo podrá resolverse acudiendo a las Apple Store , cuando finalmente se conozca la fecha de reapertura.

The closure of Apple stores in several countries around the world due to the coronavirus, limits the quality of attention that the company offers to its customers, especially when it comes to the guarantee of the devices and the consequences have already been perceived by several users. According to several Reddit publications, several customers have received replacement AirPods that do not work due to an unpublished firmware version

So far, several testimonials agree that Apple has shipped replacement AirPods with 2D3 firmware, a different version of the AirPod firmware that has been released to the public. This situation means that the new device and the original pair, especially the second generation AirPods, cannot be paired with the iPhone at the same time.

According to information from Macrumors Apple has been shipping these AirPods with unusable firmware since March 25th so some customers have been without a functional set of AirPods for a few weeks. In that sense some have revealed that they have an AirPod with the 2D3 firmware version and another with the 1A673 version, for example.

In view of the situation, representatives of the Apple support team, which at the moment are only available digitally and by phone, have communicated the possible error to the users, admitting that the AirPods with the 2D3 firmware surely belong to a model that was about to be released, but ended up not being released due to errors and that the situation could be resolved with the firmware update , not yet available.

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