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Apple shares soar on the stock market

The Apple shares are flying on the stock exchange thanks to the fabulous and impressive numbers thrown in yesterday. Many investors are surprised by the good health of sales in the last fiscal quarter. Some better than expected data where the confidence in their products and possible developments (iPhone tenth edition), encourage all investors to buy Apple securities.

Apple’s shares soar on the stock market

The great expectation created by Apple yesterday is reflected in a rise of more than 6% early in the day. A percentage that gave the shares a value of 159 dollars each, which translates into no more and no less than a market cap of over 830 billion dollars .

Apple shares soar on the stock market
Apple shares soar on the stock market

Crowd of people in front of an Apple Store

In the accounts presented yesterday by Cupertino’s directors we saw many interesting facts that we announced yesterday on Apple 5×1. From the 41 million iPhone sold in the last three months to the 11.4 million iPad and the 4.29 million Mac . While it is true that the iPhone numbers are down from the previous quarter, it should be remembered that since Cupertino, they indicate that this phenomenon is a consequence of the approach of a new model of iPhone (the rumors in these cases do not help to sell more units either).

The iPad’s advance and services are largely responsible

Despite the fact that the iPhone is Apple’s most important product, analysts say they are very happy with the sales of the iPad. Sales achieved a 15% growth compared to the same quarter last year. However, let’s remember that the tablet sales have only grown 2% so far this year.

What this means is that the strategy followed by Apple with the iPad 2017 (just over 400 euros in Spain) is a success. The sales of this device managed to increase despite the fact that the sales of the iPad Pro fell.

Cupertino’s products continue to set market trends

Another section where analysts are very happy with Apple’s results is the Services section (iCloud, Apple Music, App Store, iTunes, etc.). A business as big for Apple as the turnover of one of the companies on the Fortune 100 list of most important companies, the latter was pointed out by Tim Cook himself.

Will you be the first company to reach the trillion dollars?

The best thing for Apple is that the future seems to be better than the present, Cupertino’s directors announced that they expected to receive around 50 billion dollars in the next fiscal quarter, this means higher estimates than those created by investors before. Translated differently, Apple’s shares may continue to rise in the short term. But why is Apple so optimistic about its upcoming sales?

Only Apple knows this secret, but we know that in September Cupertino will present new models of the iPhone (their star product), sales that could be very important in the future accounts of the company. The presentation of the tenth edition of the iPhone is still an unknown. This means that if it goes on sale from September, Apple would have to include the sales of this device in its next fiscal results balance.

The first company to reach the trillion dollars?

On the other hand, if the iPhone with a new design, new screen and face detector decides to come out in October, Cupertino’s will not take into account the sales of this device in their next results. The contribution of this predictable new iPhone would be reflected in Apple’s first fiscal quarter of 2018. If Cupertino’s manage to continue with this advance, it is very possible that the company’s shares will reach 190 dollars . The magic number for the company’s valuation to reach trillion dollars for the first time in history . At the close of this article, the stock is around $160.

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