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Apple shares set a new record, and are close to $800 billion

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The latest financial results have certainly been very good for Apple and the rumours of the next iPhone are very good for it. Why? Because today the stock market has set a new record for Apple shares: around 150 dollars per share and that gives the company a total value of almost 790 billion dollars, very close to 800 billion dollars.

Apple shares and their stock market value are always fluctuating, but in recent months we have seen a steady rise. The lowest point in memory since 2001 was last year at $90 a share due to the first drop in iPhone sales. Since then everything has been uphill , and it will probably remain so until the sale of the iPhone 8 at least.

Apple shares set a new record, and are close to $800 billion
Apple shares set a new record, and are close to $800 billion

Step by step and from record to record, Apple could become in a few months the first company to achieve a value of one trillion dollars, that is, a billion dollars. Although it seems to be close, is not going to be easy, and very good will have to be the iPhone sales and the errors in the rest of the departments should not exist.

Is there a bubble here? Can we compare this to the Internet bubble in the year 2000? Not much, in that case all the value of the companies was based on services and intangibles. In this case, it is about real device sales (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, accessories…) although it is true that a good part of the money comes from the App Store, iCloud, Apple Music and other services.

At the moment we have two somewhat weaker semesters in terms of income as little is sold in spring and summer. The Christmas campaign that starts in the fall, however, will bring Apple significant income and it may even be the time when we will see the share rise to those 200 dollars and consequently reach the billion dollars as a company.


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