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Apple shares fall slightly due to low confidence in Q2 results

Apple’s shares did not pass their best moment on Friday as we saw how lowered its price by 4.10% to 165.72 dollars a share , a price very far from what we normally see on the stock market. The reason for this drop is, of course, the downward sales forecast and the presentation of results for Q2, which will take place on May 1st.

The various predictions made by analysts before the presentation of the official results by Apple is already a classic in recent months, but surely Apple is calm because as always and the results will not be a disaster and the actions will return to normal.

Apple shares fall slightly due to low confidence in Q2 results
Apple shares fall slightly due to low confidence in Q2 results

Morgan Stanley, one of the benchmarks for North American investors has lowered the sales estimate for the Phone to 34 million s in the quarter covering the month of June, when sales were originally forecast at 40.5 million units.

In the quarter that we are currently studying and that will be presented on May 1st, Morgan Staleny has preceded that the company will suffer a slight growth of 3% expecting to have sales of 52.3 million devices with a revenue of 60.2 million dollars.

The Wall Street analsists have also spoken out, claiming that the supply chain would be slowed down by Apple’s low expectations of selling a large number of devices in the summer. But Apple’s own CEO, Tim Cook, has responded to this by saying that the Wall Street experts don’t know much about supply chain controls or, something that is certainly true.

These are pure predictions, as we have seen in the posts of these weeks. But unfortunately the rumors for investors are a reality that you can now see in the share price. We hope that as of May 1st the results will be good and the shares will return to their original path.

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