Apple shares break records on key Samsung day

Puede que Warren Buffett no tenga un iPhone, pero ya posee 17.000 millones de dólares en acciones de Apple

It’s ironic, isn’t it? But that’s what it is: while our Xataka colleagues have a busy day with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple’s shares continue to rise unchecked and have reached a new record value of $143.80 . If the company had not made the split in 2014, each share would now be worth more than $1,000.

Apple shares break records on key Samsung day
Apple shares break records on key Samsung day

With such a steep rise, the almost utopian hypothesis of becoming the first company in the world valued at more than a trillion (or a billion) dollars is no longer so fantasy. Apple’s stock market valuation now exceeds 750 billion dollars . There is still another 250 billion dollars to go before we reach the unimaginable.

Looking at the figures, Gene Munster told CNBC that now is a “golden moment” , a unique opportunity to acquire shares in the company with all the expectations of growth. Steven Milunovich believes that the shares can reach $185 or $200 in a matter of two years and believes that Apple is still undervalued.

What feeds this growth? Well, the desire for a new iPhone that introduces many changes and the long-term future that for now seems to include augmented reality glasses. Apple may be a bit conservative and slower in certain aspects, but that progress is still robust. Good work, Tim Cook. Now it remains for the competition to figure out how to stop this trend.

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