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Apple sends its message in the Samsung trial

It’s about time. The last judicial soap opera involving Apple and Samsung has come to an end, at least until the parties appeal. Which I’m sure they do. The verdict reached by the jury yesterday afternoon California time establishes that Samsung violated 3 of the 5 patents argued by Apple , for which it must pay a total of 119.6 million dollars. A miniscule figure if you compare it with the 2.2 billion demanded by Cupertino’s.

Many will say that Apple has won the verdict but in reality has lost by not receiving every last penny it asked for. If you look at both sides, you will see giant companies, the two that generate the largest number of profits in the industry. They have money to bore, do they care about a handful of millions? I don’t think they’ll lose any sleep over it.

Apple sends its message in the Samsung trial
Apple sends its message in the Samsung trial

Personally, trials bore me. I don’t understand patents or court proceedings, let alone a foreign system, and I don’t think it’s worth it. Neither will I go into a discussion about who copied whom nor about the nature of software and design patents. What does call my attention is the reason for this trial. Its ultimate reasons. Above all, what does Apple gain, apart from money, by denouncing Samsung who, besides being a competitor, is a very important supplier of its components.

In the presentation of the original iPhone, Steve Jobs sold us the paradigm shift saying that it was light years away from what was on the market. We saw a few months ago that Samsung was one of the first to recognize this breakthrough and to get on the new concept of smartphone inaugurated by Apple’s star terminal. This strategic move is to take off your hat and one of the great moves of the moment.

Money is secondary, what matters is that the rest of the industry takes note

Apple, for whatever reasons, felt that Samsung had copied its designs, patents, terminals, etc. and decided that it should put a stop to it. To be honest, all major technology companies without exception have been denounced at some point and Apple is certainly not without sin. To prevent others from following the same path as Samsung, Cupertino’s went on the offensive and took the Koreans halfway around the world to court.

They’ve won some trials and lost others. In California, Apple won one of the largest trials sentencing Samsung to over $900 million (after appeals). Now, Apple receives another 119.6 million. But what Apple was looking for was not the money but to send a message to the rest of the industry , “if we consider that you have copied us, pay attention to the consequences”:

  • Lawsuits left and right.
  • Dragging trials all over the world.
  • To face the payment of millions in lawyers.
  • Years and years of litigation.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S de K?rlis Dambr?ns y Courtroom One Gavel de Joe Gratz.

En Apple
Samsung can address these issues, but not all manufacturers are capable of the same thing. Not everyone has that kind of money or access to the necessary resources. The idea of the endless series of patent trials is to act as a deterrent against third parties. To set an example for Samsung of what could happen to anyone Apple considers to have copied it. Regardless of who pays for what, it is clear that by engaging in legal proceedings against the Korean conglomerate they have set an example and a warning to others.