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Apple sells out all WWDC 2013 tickets in two minutes!

Compra de entradas de la WWDC 2013En Apple
Two minutes… WWDC tickets sold out in two minutes . I really can’t think of how to describe this because it’s a real beast. Apple has sold out all the tickets for its annual developer event in just two minutes, leaving the old two-hour records literally in the mud.

You can imagine the look on my face when I joked on Twitter that I could write this ticket before it even went on sale… but I would have never imagined that they would sell out at such a rate. Either something has happened, or setting a specific time for ticket sales has put all the developers on alert to act quickly.

Apple sells out all WWDC 2013 tickets in two minutes!Apple sells out all WWDC 2013 tickets in two minutes!

You only have to walk around on Twitter to see the disappointment of many programmers who were also hoping to buy a ticket, who have been completely perplexed to see that even going straight into the purchase process after logging in has not given them time to finish the transaction. Apple has generated, literally, eight million dollars in two minutes .

Needless to say, the enormous expectation and demand that Apple has with this developers’ event, which is held in a Moscone Center that definitely outgrows them . The bad thing is that both Tim Cook and Steve Jobs have already said several times that there is no bigger venue in the area to celebrate it, so those who wanted a ticket will have to take it with resignation. At least they will be able to watch all the sessions in streaming from their homes.

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