Apple sells 88 million more phones than Samsung, did someone say failure?

Big news for the iPhone is coming back. According to the independent consultant Raymond James, Apple has managed to sell 88 million more phones than Samsung in the last two years, a figure that is incredible, more when many voices speak of the failure of iPhone 5 and the enormous success of Galaxy SIII, but the numbers speak against it. The iPhone 4 and 4S continue to enjoy great health, having sold more than 80 million units of each model.

And this week we continue to receive encouraging data that the iPhone continues to enjoy an iron health, and that the noise that Samsung makes with the great sales of its Galaxy range is nothing more than that, noise.

Apple sells 88 million more phones than Samsung, did someone say failure?
Apple sells 88 million more phones than Samsung, did someone say failure?

This time the study comes from the company Raymond James, where it shows a direct comparison in the sales of the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy in the last two years . The number we are left with is as follows: Apple has sold 88 million smartphones more than Samsung.

The phones that have been included in the study are iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5; while Samsung has the S, SII, SIII, Note and Note II. Apple has sold 219 million handsets , while Koreans have settled for 131 million , which is not bad at all, as many would like.

Samsung’s Galaxy line has been a big seller. There is no doubt about that, but it is ironic that after hundreds of statements claiming that the iPhone 5 was a complete failure , Cupertino’s people managed to sell 88 million more phones than the Koreans, right?

Not only that, but the Galaxy SIII has been on the market four months longer than the iPhone 5, and according to the graph they are equal in number of sales . The iPhone 4 and 4S are on their way, they are the absolute kings of the smartphone market , with twice as many sales as their younger brothers.

Although we should not deceive ourselves, the trend in Spain is towards the Samsung Galaxy SIII if we talk about new high-end terminals, since the iPhone 5 is conspicuous by its absence ; but in the rest of the world this trend seems to be reversed. What is also another fact is that the iPhone 4 and 4S are sold like hot cakes, and it is very common to find dozens of them every time you go out on the street.

Yes, Samsung sure sells tens of millions of the Galaxy Ace, and it’s the most widespread phone on the streets, but that’s not a high-end smartphone. Furthermore, I wouldn’t call it a smartphone , but a phone that is good for talking on WhatsApp and little else. At the top end, Apple is the winner , with Samsung in the background.

Will this study succeed in silencing the many mouths that speak ill of the iPhone 5, will this lead to Apple regaining its elevated position in the stock market? Not at the moment, because its stock market value is still below 500 dollars .

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