Apple seems well on its way to opening stores in India

Apple insists on the Indian market. Cupertino’s company strengthened its relations with this country by choosing it as a new alternative in the manufacture of the iPhone – instead of China – and although it has also complied with the regulations of marketing its products through authorized third parties, it still insists on its main objective; to open the Apple Store in India.

According to details reported from the meeting this weekend between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Apple still has a long way to go, but so far, every step taken has been safe.

Apple seems well on its way to opening stores in India
Apple seems well on its way to opening stores in India

With these measures, we will see more and more products replacing “Made in China” with “Assembled in India”. And the fact is that, clearly Apple is betting on this country, owner of an emerging economy and a population of 1.3 billion people, of which a good number are increasing their purchasing power.

India’s regulations for foreign companies stipulate that these must cover 30% of market demand before being allowed to open their own offices and although Apple is still far from the goal, the company highlights other advantages for maintaining harmony in business relations. These are; the number of jobs it now generates in the country, as well as the quality and price of the equipment, adapted to those of that market, in order to fight against competition.

According to figures provided by Tim Cook himself, the technology giant has given employment opportunities to 740 thousand people in India through its so-called “app economy” while Indian developers have created almost 100 thousand applications for the App Store with its clear benefits.

Thus, in this market of growing interest in technology and where every day there is more competition, Apple occupies 3% of the market in the premium range Will the giant open its stores in the short term? Leave it in the comments


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