Apple seems to have solved the problem of Chinese tips

iOS 11 ha logrado que tus imágenes ocupen la mitad de espacio

Es obvio que Apple estaría perdiendo la oportunidad de beneficiarse de este tipo de donaciones, puesto que todo a punta a que los movimientos de este tipo que se realizan en el gigante asiático son muy elevados . Pese a ello, Apple debería pensar en el gran mercado y la importancia de China para la firma . No obstante, la compañía ha logrado acuerdos flexibles con el gobierno chino, a la par que ha inaugurado varios centros de desarrollo e investigación por todo el país.

Apple seems to have solved the problem of Chinese tips
Apple seems to have solved the problem of Chinese tips

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A few weeks ago, we talked about the problem that had occurred in China, because of the issue of tips in the applications of the Cupertino’s catalogue . According to that information, in China many users make donations to artists from the Asian territory. In principle, this should not be a problem for anyone, however with this type of donations, Apple does not have any control over it .

It should be noted that this type of movement is carried out on platforms outside those of the apple firm, which is why it leads to a disagreement on the part of Apple’s top management, since the company does not benefit from 30 percent of this money.

At first, Apple’s resolution was to include this type of donation within the application itself . Obviously, even if they are donations, Cupertino’s will apply its famous 30 percent as they do with all the transactions carried out in the platform’s applications. What will be the response of the Chinese developers?

At first glance, there are several options. One of them is to accept Apple’s solution , although this will most likely lead to an increase in the cost of donations. So from my point of view the whole meaning of the word “donation” would be lost. On the other hand, Chinese developers could refer to other types of platforms or additional services in order to avoid the claws of the apple commission.

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