Apple seems to have solved the crashing with iOS 7.1

One of the things iOS 7.1 was eagerly awaited for was to eliminate the stability problems that users had been suffering from since the release of iOS 7. The so-called crashing was one of the most annoying problems, with unexpected reboots and application shutdowns for no reason.

I personally have not had any more such problems, which I used to have, and it seems after the first few days after the iOS 7 update was released that reports show that the unexpected closing of applications on the iPhone and iPad is significantly lower than in previous versions of the mobile operating system .

Apple seems to have solved the crashing with iOS 7.1
Apple seems to have solved the crashing with iOS 7.1

The application incident rate under iOS 7.1 is 1.6 percent ,and compared to previous versions, iOS 7, iOS 6.1 and iOS 6 all have incident rates above two percent. Interestingly, if we make the average between all iOS 7 versions, their incidence rate is 2.1 percent, lower than the average of iOS 6 versions, despite the known bug that caused spontaneous restarts.

Adoption of iOS 7.1 is proceeding quite rapidly, from 12 percent in the first 48 hours to 18 percent within 72 hours of its release, and although adoption data is not currently known, the latest data already points to rates in excess of 21 percent. Of this percentage, it should be noted that, although most users are people who upgrade from iOS 7, a significant number of users of iOS 6 have moved to iOS 7.1.

However, it is not all good news since, although many of the problems with iOS 7 have been solved, others have appeared , reporting problems with the Touch ID or also with battery life, this being one of the main complaints of users.

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