Apple Seeks New Designer to Avoid iPhone 6

A design problem with iPhone 6 Plus?

Since iPhone 6 and especially 6 Plus went on sale in several countries around the world, a serious controversy has arisen that has spilled over into Apple’s design. It seems that there are several users in the world who have seen how their phone has been folded for simply carrying it in their pocket.

Whether it’s a design issue or not, dubbed “bendgate,” it has flooded social networks with criticism of Apple’s design. Cupertino’s company will find out if the models that come to them with the problem have been forced by users on purpose or not and will proceed to replace them with those that have had the problem with the normal use of the device or by carrying it in their pockets.

New designer and solution to the problem

Apple Seeks New Designer to Avoid iPhone 6
Apple Seeks New Designer to Avoid iPhone 6

We have no doubt that Apple does countless tests on its new devices and that this problem did not arise in any of them, but it seems that the design department is going to need some help and the company has looked for a solution to the problem, so that it does not happen again.

The company has registered a job offer in which they are looking for engineers for the stress tests of the new iPhones and iPods . Specifically, they are looking for a failure analysis expert to work in their Structural Design team. This is the department that ensures that the 6 Plus does not bend, during normal use, with extensive testing.

Apple has responded to the iPhone 6 Plus controversy by saying that it is extremely rare for such a failure to occur with normal daily use of the device. In addition, they have also commented that both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus correctly passed the strength and durability tests for normal, everyday use.

The truth of the matter is that the controversy has once again splashed Apple and its iPhone 6 Plus folded, but it is also true that the company seems to be putting its hand in the matter to solve the problem, seeing that they are always concerned about improving. But they deny that the device bends as easily as some users were making us believe in social networks.

Tips to keep your iPhone 6 Plus from bending

In order to avoid the bandage we propose some solutions below. The first is to be careful when wearing it in your pants, as it can suffer too much pressure in some positions, such as bending over or sitting down.

If you can’t avoid wearing it in your pants, the next thing to do is find a wide pocket to avoid putting too much pressure on the device. If all this is impossible for you to do what we think is better from iPadizate is to buy a protective case as rigid as possible to avoid torsion . And of course avoid the iPhone 6 Plus from overheating as the heat increases the plasticity of the materials.

Some of you are probably already enjoying your new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, tell us about your experience and especially if you have had this same problem.

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