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Apple Seeks Fingerprint Sensor Software Engineer

Over the weekend, Apple added a new job offer to its website. They are looking for a software engineer for the Melbourne centre in Florida, which is where the AuthenTec team works. Not long ago we talked about the possible launch of the iWallet service, in which AuthenTec’s technology would have a lot to say. As you know, the company on the block bought the mobile security company last summer for $365 million.

It seems increasingly clear that the iPad and iPhone will have a fingerprint sensor in the future

When Apple purchased AuthenTec, it was known for manufacturing embedded fingerprint sensors for security and identification purposes. After the acquisition, rumors that Apple was going to incorporate fingerprint technology into its iPad and iPhone soared.

Apple Seeks Fingerprint Sensor Software Engineer
Apple Seeks Fingerprint Sensor Software Engineer

Today we read in Padgadget that Apple has published a job offer in which they are looking for a software engineer to work in the “Melbourne Design Centre” , and in which they are looking for an engineer capable of writing “low level code to configure and control hardware” , along with the possession of “a strong desire, willingness and aptitude to develop ASIC verified designs” .

In the responsibilities section of the offer it is indicated that the work will include evaluation of IC sensors with LabTool, maintenance of the FA Software for End of Line Module Test, creation of a low level control firmware and support to the design verification group.

We have recently heard rumors that have suggested that AuthenTec’s fingerprint sensor technology could make an appearance on the iPhone 5S, but this is still just that, rumors. A fingerprint sensor potentially located under the device’s Home button, allowing users to waive having to enter passwords, would be a welcome feature in future versions of both the iPad and iPhone.

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