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Apple Seeks Fashion and Luxury Experts for the Apple Store

It seems that the American company is already preparing everything for the arrival of the Apple Watch, which is believed to arrive on the market in the spring of 2015. However, in Cupertino they are already looking for fashion and luxury experts for the Apple stores, in order to make some changes in their stores before the arrival of the smart watch.

According to the rumors that have arisen, Apple is recruiting candidates specialized in the world of fashion and luxury, which leads us to believe that Tim Cook’s boys are preparing important changes in retail stores with the arrival of the smartwatch . They would have decided to do this well in advance so as to have everything ready when that time came and avoid unforeseen events.

Apple Seeks Fashion and Luxury Experts for the Apple Store
Apple Seeks Fashion and Luxury Experts for the Apple Store

Little by little we are learning more about the smartwatch. On other occasions we have seen how the American company presents the Apple Watch as the most personal device they have launched to date, but they also point out that is not just another technology device, but will also be a piece of jewelry that the fashion world will be proud of.

The Apple Store may undergo a makeover by the Watch

As you may already know, former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts is the current Senior Vice President of Apple Retail and Online Stores. According to these rumors, with the arrival of the Watch could transform the retail stores they have spread around the world , which would include a fairly significant makeover.

In addition to strengthening the staff of the Apple Store for the Christmas campaign, the American company would be looking for fashion and luxury experts . This suggests that the company’s retail stores could have a change in their design next year, and everything seems to point to the arrival of the Apple Watch as the main reason.

There are many smartwatch models to choose from, and that’s because one of the things that stands out about Apple’s smartwatch is the customization . Therefore, they would be working on a new space in which to display all the Watch options from which the user can choose, since they will need more space than if it were only available in three colors.

Apple would have already hinted at the approach it would take to its stores

As the guys from 9to5Mac comment, if we look back we see how both in the September Keynote and in Colette, the American company has shown its smartwatch . This could give us some clues about the possible approach they would have in mind to present the Watch in the Apple Store.

In the image above these lines we see a large wooden table in the same style as those found in the Apple Store but with a glass through which they show all the models of the Apple Watch . In this way, it would be much safer than the current alarm system they use to display the different models of iPhone, iPad and iPod.

And you, how do you think the Apple Watch will be displayed in the stores?