Apple Reveals New Figures on Apple Music Usage

It wasn’t long ago that Cupertino’s boys announced that they had reached 11 million subscriptions to Apple Music, just over half of which are on Spotify. Now, Apple has released new figures on the use of its streaming music service , data that has emerged from a study conducted by MusicWatch.

Recently MusicWatch conducted a survey on Apple Music , specifically to find out how many iOS users are using this new service. It analyzed 5,000 iOS users in the United States over the age of 13, and the results are not as good as the company would like.

Apple Reveals New Figures on Apple Music Usage
Apple Reveals New Figures on Apple Music Usage

According to this study, 77% of users know that Apple Music exists, but only 11% of respondents confirm that they are using it. On the other hand, revealed that 48% of American Apple Music users had deactivated their subscription to the service .

According to Apple, only 21% of users have turned off Apple Music

This data has set off alarm bells and Apple has decided to make a clean break by providing The Verge with new official figures on the use of Apple Music. The American company has said that 79% of users using Apple Music have not deactivated the service, which reduces the abandonment rate to only 21% .

The statement released by Apple is very short and does not offer many details, but based on the 11 million registered users, it would be around 2,300,000 who would have cancelled their subscription to Apple Music . However, the possibility cannot be ruled out that these 11 million will be what remains after subtracting the number of users who have deactivated the service and that there will initially be more.

Be that as it may, Apple is taking great care of its new streaming music service and doesn’t want to overshadow its take-off. There is no doubt that Apple Music is having a fairly good reception among users and some success .

Apple may offer more information about Apple Music in the iPhone 6s Keynote

What’s more, when someone offers some figures about Apple Music, it doesn’t take a second for the American company to come out and disprove them and offer official data that improves those figures. On the other hand, there are those who believe that there is a possibility that Cupertino’s people will release more official figures on the use of Apple Music during the Keynote for the presentation of the iPhone 6s on September 9th.

And you, have you tried Apple Music yet? If so, are you still maintaining the service or have you turned it off?

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