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Apple reveals current iOS 11 adoption

Apple has revealed the adoption of iOS 11 , where 59% of users are already on the latest version of its mobile operating system.

On the other hand, iOS 10 drops to 33%, while 8% remains in an older version for various reasons, including that their devices cannot be upgraded to the new version.

Apple reveals current iOS 11 adoption
Apple reveals current iOS 11 adoption

Although the adoption of iOS 11 is somewhat slower than iOS 10 was, users are gradually gaining confidence in Apple’s latest bet.

There is no doubt that iOS 11 has incorporated many interesting new features , especially for the iPad. The problem at the beginning, until recently, was users complaining about high battery consumption on the iPhone.

The iPad resists somewhat better, although the rapid drain on the batteries was also noted. This, coupled with some performance issues, made users suspicious of iOS 11 in its early days.

With iOS 11.2, the battery life was increased considerably, both for new and older devices. This has once again aroused the interest of users, where expectations are now more positive.

In iOS 11.2 comes one of the most interesting new features, Apple Pay Cash . A system with which we can make payments between individuals directly from iMessages. At the moment, it is only operational in the United States, but it will soon arrive in Europe.

If you have any doubts about installing iOS 11 , now is a good time with the arrival of iOS 11.2, a much more stable version with moderate battery consumption, where you can reach the end of the day without any problems.

What version of iOS are you on? What do you think of iOS 11.2? Has the performance and range of your iPhone or iPad improved?