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Apple Responds to the Bent iPhone 6 Plus Controversy

The controversy with the bent iPhone 6 Plus, the controversial Bendgate, gets an official response

Once again we return to the controversial and contentious issue of the iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate, which is the name given to the problem of devices being bent because they are carried in a pocket or because of normal use of the 6 Plus. The controversy is served, but Apple has officially responded to the criticism.

The company has already taken action on this problem, even publishing a job offer in which they are looking for a new designer to help them so that this does not happen again. But the truth is that even with this problem, the iPhone 6 has sold more than 10 million units in just the first week and not so many users have had the problem with their 6 Plus.

Apple fights back and officially issues a statement on the problem

Apple Responds to the Bent iPhone 6 Plus Controversy
Apple Responds to the Bent iPhone 6 Plus Controversy

Apple has officially released a statement regarding the controversial flexibility of the iPhone 6 Plus, claiming that the problem is very rare with normal phone usage and that they have only received complaints from 9 dissatisfied customers. He added that the new devices have a Steel and Titanium insert to reinforce the locations that may suffer from the problem and the strongest glass in the industry.

Apple has specified that it is extremely difficult and rare for this problem to occur during normal use of the iPhone 6 Plus and that countless tests are done before the devices are released.

According to Apple’s own statements:

All this has made it doubtful whether the new iPhone 6 models are less durable than those of previous generations or other smartphones of other brands, such as Samsung . It didn’t take long for videos even comparing the phone with other brands’ terminals to be published and even LG or Blackberry have scoffed at this with their devices’ promotion.

Apple answers users

Mat Honan has pronounced these words regarding his 5.5 inch iPhone 6 model:

Apple was quick to give an official response in Financial Times:

It is clear that the problem is there, but it does not seem so serious according to Apple itself and it has affected a very small group of users.

And what do you think about it? Do you think the problem is so big?

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