Apple responds to a false rumor about iOS 13.5

España creará una app de rastreo para COVID-19 compatible con el sistema de Apple y Google

Por tanto, y como ya han demostrado desde Reuters y la propia Apple, no existe ningún motivo para alarmarse por esta tecnología. No está pensada para mantenernos vigilados, sino para procurar que todos estemos seguros. Gracias a esta API, todos podríamos lograr un tiempo extra para detectar los posibles contagios que podría ser esencial para luchar contra esta pandemia.

Apple responds to a false rumor about iOS 13.5
Apple responds to a false rumor about iOS 13.5

Recently, we saw the arrival of the first public version of the COVID-19 contact tracking API from Apple and Google. Thanks to this technology, and combined with traditional techniques, healthcare professionals could more quickly assist those who may have become infected with the virus by being in close proximity to a COVID-19 positive. However, it is not only the virus that will have to be dealt with, but also the misinformation.

Since the iOS 13.5 update was released to the public, some Facebook users have been sharing a hoax that encourages people to avoid installing it. According to these individuals, the API would be activated after the update and would allow indiscriminate geolocation by its creators. However, this information could not be further removed from reality. As Apple has told Reuters, neither the update nor the API it includes poses a threat to our privacy.

As explained by Apple and Google, the API requires user consent for activation, in fact this is only possible when downloading a compatible app created by the health authorities. This is the case with SwissCovid, for example, which was the first to reach users. Otherwise, the API remains inactive, without sharing any information. And even when it is activated, it has been designed to treat the user’s data with maximum security.

This API does not use any kind of geolocation technology to work, but transmits via Bluetooth an anonymous, continuously changing identifier that is registered in the device for a period of about 14 days. If a positive is identified by COVID and indicated in a compatible app on the mobile phone of this one, the identifiers used by this phone are reported to an automated registry. Only those who have received this within 15 days would be notified.

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