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Apple researches a universal battery system

AppleinsiderMás información It is intended to improve the performance of batteries and therefore the products that use them.

This would consist of two key elements: universal batteries that would be compatible with many devices such as phones, PDAs, laptops, mice, keyboards,…; and a Mac either portable or desktop.

Apple researches a universal battery system
Apple researches a universal battery system

The Mac would be the nexus with two functions. On the one hand, to establish a connection with the device to control the battery charge and warn the user when the battery is about to run out, giving time to save the work we are doing; and on the other hand, to recharge the batteries thanks to built-in slots for them.

In addition, in environments with several networked devices, it would be possible for our equipment to inform us about the availability of charged batteries even when they are in other devices.

For those of you who have an Apple Wireless Keyboard or the wireless version of the Migthy Mouse, you already know what this is all about, as it would be a smart version of the current battery management system that our team makes with these accessories.

No doubt a great news if you carry out, especially if it does not take long because if we make inventory we see as we have more and more accessories or devices dependent on a battery.