Apple reports third quarter 2012 financial results, which are…

Once again, Apple has cashed up and is presenting us with the financial results for the quarter ending in June. When we see the numbers they present, we see that things are not going badly, with very interesting profits, although there are some products that are starting to lose steam after years in the market. After the jump we show you the numbers.

The third financial quarter for Apple is now over, and as usual, presents us with the results they have achieved in these three months of work and sales. The truth is that we can say that the numbers are not bad at all, especially in times of crisis like the ones we are experiencing. Below we detail them:

Apple reports third quarter 2012 financial results, which are…
Apple reports third quarter 2012 financial results, which are…

In the third quarter ended June 30, 2012 , Apple reported quarterly earnings of $35 billion , and monthly net income of nearly $9 billion (8.8), or $9.32 per diluted share . In the same period last year the numbers were as follows: Quarterly revenue of $28.6 billion, net monthly revenue of $7.3 billion OR $7.79 per diluted share. The company had a gross margin of 42.8%, compared to 41.7% in the previous quarter, with international sales accounting for 62% of the quarter’s revenue.

Where do these figures come from? Well, simple, from the sales of iPhone, iPad, and Mac, since in that quarter came to sell 26 million iPhone , which is said soon, increasing sales of this device by 28% compared to the previous quarter. The iPad is not far behind, since reached 17 million sales , increasing sales by 84%. At the end of the queue we have the Mac, of which sold 4 million , representing only a 2% increase. And to make things worse, iPods were down 10% from the previous quarter, selling only 6.8 million.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, commented:

The truth is, I don’t think they can have negative words with the numbers they’re having. No matter how much crisis there is worldwide, Cupertino’s seem to be one of the few who still avoid economic problems. And we’ll hope they stay that way for a long time to come. At least, in the words of Peter Oppenheimer , Apple’s CFO, the forecasts for next quarter are also very encouraging , so we can imagine that we will have bitten the bullet for a long time.

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