Apple replaced up to 11 million iPhone batteries in 2018

Apple’s delicate situation in terms of device sales would be counterbalanced by the service revenue as we discussed recently. These services not only include the income related to services such as iCloud or Apple Music but also include repairs .

As John Gruber of Daring Fireball has revealed, Apple would have seen its iPhone battery replacements increase significantly over the past year . This news would have been shared by Tim Cook himself during a recent meeting with company employees.

Apple replaced up to 11 million iPhone batteries in 2018
Apple replaced up to 11 million iPhone batteries in 2018

The Batterygate exploded at Apple with iOS 10.1.2 and this software version started to slow down the CPU performance of those devices where the battery health was not in perfect condition. This caused some devices to shut down even with a 30% battery.

The arrival of iOS 11 did not end up solving those issues raised with the latest versions of iOS 10 but made it even worse and the performance of this software version left a widespread discontent among users who saw constant instability failures and excessive battery consumption on their iPhone.

Apple apologized to the users for misinforming them about what was going on with the batteries. According to the company, the aim was to ensure that older devices could be optimized with the latest versions of the system.

In an attempt to compensate its users, Apple launched a battery replacement program over a year ago for those iPhone models whose batteries were being affected. As a result, when the battery replacement price was reduced, thousands of users flocked to Apple stores around the world over the past year to replace their batteries.

This new Apple battery replacement program would be the main reason the company has gone from replacing 1 to 2 million batteries a year to having replaced 11 million during 2018. This is certainly a great figure for those at Cupertino who might consider maintaining this repair program over time in order to continue making a profit.

The fact that this data will not be incorporated into Apple’s Q1 2019 expectations was analyzed by Gruber who concluded that the most determining factor is that this data has not been known until the iPhone XS and XR have already been on the market. The replacement program made many users who had switched from iPhone this year decide to keep their old device but with a new battery from Apple’s replacement program.

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