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Apple repeats as the most valuable brand in the world

As usual, the famous consulting firm Interbrand has published a list of the most valuable brands worldwide . The ongoing rivalry is always between Google and Apple. Therefore, it is worth noting that for the fourth time in a row, Apple once again leads the list of the most valuable firms worldwide.

Apple continues in its first position

Apple again leads the list with a value of $178.1 billion , with a slight growth of 5 percent in the last year. Behind them, we find all-powerful companies such as Google which leads the second position with a value of 133 billion or the famous brand Coca-Cola which is positioned just ahead of Microsoft with a value of 73 billion dollars.

Apple repeats as the most valuable brand in the worldApple repeats as the most valuable brand in the world

Apparently the results for Cupertino’s could be more than positive. However, if we analyse the data calmly we can see that the company has hardly grown this year , unlike large multinationals in the sector.

We have treated this issue with concern since the beginning of the year, when significant drops in sales of their products could be reflected. Despite this, we should wait for the great forecasts that are expected to take effect with the launch of the new iPhone 7.

Facebook, the company that has grown the most this year

On the other hand, this 2016 is being a good year for Facebook . Although it is not in the top 10 of the list, Zuckerberg’s firm has grown by 48 percent this year. There is no doubt that the purchase of different companies in the sector is paying off for Mark’s, with excellent figures that allow him to climb up to 15th position in the table.

Finally, companies like Amazon, LEGO or Nissan are behind Facebook in terms of growth. For example, Amazon has grown by 33 percent , while Lego or Nissan have improved their figures with an increase of 22 percent.

The figures for those on the block are not entirely positive, although the hopes of the whole company are pinned on the most important launch of the year, the iPhone 7. Will sales of the iPhone 7 improve their figures?