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Apple renames iTunes Podcasts, welcome Apple Podcasts

Apple has tried many times to give a twist to each of its services, some have been successful like the App Store and others that usually stay to the last and are not perceived by all users. In the case of iTunes Podcasts, the Apple platform that offers podcasters to promote themselves is being renewed today with a new name, Apple Podcasts. Will you be bringing out new features for users?

Apple Podcasts, a new effort by Apple to make podcasts available to everyone

This change will probably bring some benefits to both podcasters and listening users, but that will only become apparent over time. iTunes has long been a platform where the best music has been brought together, currently it is true that Apple focuses on doing business with record labels and artists or bands, exclusives and releases that are first seen on this platform and now in Apple Music . With podcasts, Apple has not had that impact. There are other platforms that host countless podcasters and that don’t feel sheltered by what was iTunes Podcasts.

Apple renames iTunes Podcasts, welcome Apple Podcasts
Apple renames iTunes Podcasts, welcome Apple Podcasts

We will have to wait for WWDC 2017 to have a deeper approach, let’s remember that Apple takes advantage of the announcement of new operating systems in this conference to spread other announcements related to its services .

What do the users want?

Apple should look at some user demands regarding its platform. As a personal opinion, I would like to state that Apple should offer some support or openness to other languages. The categories of the podcasts are appropriate but if Apple could give a little more expansion to the language like Spanish in other countries (which happens the other way around with the USA for everyone), users will surely be grateful for that.

Spanish-language podcasting needs to have more exponents and if Apple gives a positive push towards this, podcasters themselves will be grateful and encourage the emergence of new talent or the discovery of existing ones.

What do you think about Apple’s Podcast platform? Is it a simple name change or will something better come along? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box.

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