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Apple removes WhatsApp sticker applications from the App Store

The newly released WhatsApp stickers seem to be bringing some headache for Apple and it has begun to remove from the App Store some of the third party applications that allow the download and installation of new stickers for use within the application. The reasons Cupertino’s company would be arguing are that the applications are violating the App Store policies.

Telegram, Facebook and other applications have had stickers available for a long time and given their popularity in these applications, users started long ago to demand the same features for their WhatsApp chats. In the last month the requests have been met and the messaging app added similar features to its iOS and Android versions.

Apple removes WhatsApp sticker applications from the App Store
Apple removes WhatsApp sticker applications from the App Store

Not a month after their arrival, the stickers are already starting to create controversy although it is just not the stickers as such but the third party applications that allow you to add some additional ones to the ones that by default can be installed by the official WhatsApp application itself.

WhatsApp Stickers

As reported in the WhatsAppBeta profile on Twitter, Apple has begun removing existing third-party applications from the App Store in order to add new stickers to WhatsApp. The reasons Apple would be arguing are related to a rule violation that it develops in the following points:

1) There are too many applications with similar behaviour in the app store.

2) Requires WhatsApp to be installed App Store applications should not require other applications for proper operation

3) The design of these applications is identical.

These measures by Apple remind us of a similar event that occurred a few months ago with the gif that Instagram incorporates in its stories and is that the application decided to remove this function for a while because some offensive content could be found. In the case of Apple with the third-party sticker apps it is not argued that there are offensive stickers but in some way deprive the user of a function that they were demanding and is that the default stickers of WhatsApp are very few and it seems that do not end up completely satisfying users.

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