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Apple removes the native YouTube application from iOS 6

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The developers have received a few hours ago the beta 4 of iOS 6 with a new Bluetooth section in the privacy settings and an App Store button in Passbook, probably to access a future section dedicated to supported applications. But the most important new feature is not about what has been added, but about what has been removed: the native YouTube application .

Apple removes the native YouTube application from iOS 6
Apple removes the native YouTube application from iOS 6

As you read it, iOS 6 will definitely be the first version of Apple’s mobile operating system in which the break with Google will become completely apparent, first with the change of maps and now with the disappearance of this other app made by the apple for the popular video service of the search engine giant. But rest assured, although it may not seem so, is good news .

Good news? Yes. Apple has confirmed that they have not renewed the license to include the YouTube app in iOs but clarifies that users will still be able to access the service through its web version while we wait for the launch of a new YouTube app developed directly by Google and which will be available on the App Store soon.

As in the case of the maps, the native YouTube application left quite a bit to be desired compared to its Android equivalent or even to the mobile version of its website, so the prospect of an application developed and maintained by Google is the most logical step, not only in view of the tense relationship between the two companies but from the point of view of user benefit.


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