Apple removes the Jailbreak detection API from iOS 4.2

Ars Technica

Among them was the possibility of detecting and blocking devices with the Jailbreak performed, thanks to an API added for the first time in iOS version 4.0.

Apple removes the Jailbreak detection API from iOS 4.2
Apple removes the Jailbreak detection API from iOS 4.2

Now the company itself has eliminated the use of that API with iOS 4.2 , according to Joe Owen, Vice President of Engineering at Sybase. We can conclude that the use of this protection system has not been as successful as expected. Sybase, for example, added its own measures to detect Jailbreak in addition to the Apple API.

Companies must protect their data first and foremost, and for this they need solid measures . The problem with using Apple’s Jailbreak protection method is that it affected 100% of iOS users. This means that those outside the business environment can get around the protection method. Therefore, if a company trusts Apple’s API it could only see its data in danger (remember that Jailbreak can compromise the security of the system), being worse the remedy than the disease. Spilling iOS with a sense of insecurity not beneficial for deployment in areas beyond the domestic.

Also, let’s remember that Jailbreak is legal in the United States. After Apple tries to keep at bay actions that may affect the profitability of its App Store as well as the experience and stability of iOS, it seems logical to me but not at the cost of losing entire areas that are hard to access, the business area. We will see if there are changes or leave it as an option available to developers.


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