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Apple Removes an Exploit with iOS 8.3 and Hinders TaiG Jailbreak

It seems that Apple will continue to have an advantage over the Jailbreak, since iOS 8.3 removes an exploit used by the Jailbreak , which closes even more the possibility of a tool to perform the release process. We tell you all the details.

Apple’s iOS 8.3 removes another exploit used by the Jailbreak

In addition to a long track record of changes and improvements, iOS 8.3 also includes new system security settings . As MuscleNerd points out, iOS 8.3 includes up to 39 patches in security. Of all these security patches, the one that interests us is the one attributed to the exploits that TaiG uses to develop its Jailbreak tool and it seems that some of these patches remove it completely.

Apple Removes an Exploit with iOS 8.3 and Hinders TaiG Jailbreak
Apple Removes an Exploit with iOS 8.3 and Hinders TaiG Jailbreak

One of the patches appears to fix a backup vulnerability, named CVE-2015-1087, which is described as a backup error that can allow an attacker to use the system to access restricted areas of the file system .

We show you the information provided by Apple itself:

“Available for: iPhone 4S and later, 5th generation iPod Touch, iPad 2 and later.

An attacker may be able to use the backup system to access restricted areas of the file system.

The problem comes from the evaluation logic of the relative path of the safety cup system. These problems were addressed through a better evaluation of the route.


CVE-2015-1087: TaiG Jailbreak Team”

In the security report itself, mention is made of TaiG and its tool, as has happened on other occasions before. Remember that we have several versions of iOS without a Jailbreak tool available. As it happened with iOS 8.1.3 and iOS 8.2, it seems that the new version iOS 8.3 will also make TaiG’s work more difficult.

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TaiG will continue to work on the Jailbreak

Although Apple is making it harder and harder, the TaiG team will continue to work on the tool. At the end of March they held a Jailbreak convention in China, where some of the most important hackers and the brightest minds were present, which made us think that we would have a version of the iOS 8.2 Jailbreak by now.

TaiG had to disprove this rumour, with an official letter stating that they were still working on the next version of the tool, but that they did not yet have a precise date for its release. Now that we have seen how iOS 8.3 removes some vulnerabilities, thanks to iDownloadBlog and some of them were exploited to do the Jailbreak, we will see if TaiG can finally release the next version of the tool.

It seems that Apple is taking the lead over TaiG in this eternal cat-and-mouse fight, and there are already three versions in which the Cupertino’s have eliminated the possibility of performing the Jailbreak. Do you think TaiG will launch the Jailbreak iOS 8.3 now that we know this? You can leave your opinion in the comments.

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