Apple Removes 3 Device Purchase Limit per Employee


Today we bring you another sign that the production of Apple products is catching up with demand . In fact, for many months, it was quite difficult to get a state-of-the-art iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This is why the Bite Apple company decided that each employee would only be able to purchase up to three devices for their family or friends each year, at a discount.

Apple Removes 3 Device Purchase Limit per Employee
Apple Removes 3 Device Purchase Limit per Employee

Well, today we learned that that limitation has disappeared. This means that any Apple employee can join the Employee Purchase Program (EPP) to get a 15 percent discount on the purchase of any product. So any friend or family member of these employees no longer has to fight with others to enjoy this important discount.

Apple removes the 3 device purchase limit per employee

Instead of setting a new limit, Apple expects its employees to use common sense and not start bringing out a discounted iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for everyone they know. Or even worse, to put them up for resale. Jokingly, those in charge commented that no one would think to put a message on their Facebook wall announcing a 15 percent discount on all devices on the block.

Specifically, the message recommended the following:

This is something that will probably cause problems for more than one person who wants to take advantage of the situation. We assume that nobody is going to risk their membership in the company to please their friends and family, so if I were one of them I would not abuse this new measure. It’s a test of Apple’s confidence in its employees, and it’s not a good idea to draw attention to it.

In addition, Tim Cook revealed that the new iMac and iPad Mini will soon be part of this juicy discount program. Apple describes this program as an important benefit for working in his company , and you can access it through a link on the official website of the Apple Store.

How about eliminating this fee? Do any of you work or have worked for Apple? Have you ever taken advantage of that 15 percent discount? The truth is that it can mean more than 100 euros off some product , which is quite attractive if you have a family member or friend who can take advantage of it.

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