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Apple Remove the Original iPad Mini from the Apple Store

It seems that Apple has finished with all the stock it had left of the original iPad Mini, since has been removed from the Apple Store and can no longer be purchased , leaving the Mini 2 and 3 available from now on. The funny thing is that the change has been made silently, without making any noise, nor any official announcement.

The original iPad Mini disappears from the Apple online store

The original Apple Mini tablet was selling until a few days ago at a reduced price, perhaps because the apple company wanted to get rid of all the stock. This seems to have been the case, as the original iPad Mini model has passed away and is no longer available at the Apple Store.

Apple Remove the Original iPad Mini from the Apple Store
Apple Remove the Original iPad Mini from the Apple Store

If you didn’t want to be on the cutting edge and simply wanted a small tablet to do simple tasks, the original iPad Mini was more than enough. Now take a look at the iPad Mini 2, the cheapest model on the Apple Store. You can buy it for anywhere from £289 for the cheapest model to £459 for the 32GB model with WiFi and LTE.

The iPad Mini has been with us for three years

The iPad Mini has been with us for three years, since it was announced in 2012, as an evolution of the larger iPad. The truth is that in these three years the iPad Mini model has not incorporated major changes, especially aesthetic, which remains virtually the same in its latest model Mini 3. And it’s always been on top of the game in terms of performance, compared to the iPad Air models.

The original Mini reduced its price in 2013 to 289 euros from the simplest model and with the launch of the Mini 3 model it lowered its price once again to 239 euros which it cost until a few days ago. In either case you could only buy the 16GB model and in space grey or silver, there was no other option.

With the elimination of the original iPad Mini from Apple’s online store what they achieve is to have a complete iPad family with 64-bit processors exclusively , we already know that Cupertino’s are betting on these new more powerful processors. Now any iPad will have an A7 or A8X processor, which the Air 2 has, leaving aside the A5 processors that had the original Mini or the normal second generation, for example. Another aspect that also unifies with the models that are available is the retinal screen, all iPads will have this technology on their screens.

But you still have a chance to get your hands on the iPad Mini, if you’d like and at a price of £199, if you choose to buy one of the refurbished products Apple offers or if you find stock of this model in a store where there are still some units left. But as we’ve learned from our colleagues at Applesencia, you won’t find the original Mini model in any Apple Store anymore.