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Apple remembers Steve Jobs’ death on its anniversary

Just yesterday it was 6 years since the death of Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs . The current Apple CEO shared on Twitter a tribute in his memory:

Apple remembers Steve Jobs’ death on its anniversaryApple remembers Steve Jobs’ death on its anniversary

In our language it would be something like: “Remembering Steve today, still with us, still inspiring us. “Do something wonderful and put it out there” . Also, Tim uploaded a black and white image of Steve Jobs when he was young.

Steve Jobs created Apple in 1976 along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, they introduced the company’s three most iconic products and the ones that were and still are successful: the first Macintosh in 1984, the iPod in 2001 and the iPhone in 2007.

Jobs resigned as Apple’s CEO permanently on August 24th of 2011, due to his health, and died on October 5th of the same year, just one day after Apple introduced the iPhone 4S with Siri.

His death caused great sadness to all those who knew Jobs , in addition to the great global outcry that caused leaders and former rivals like Bill Gates, or even former U.S. President Barack Obama, to express their condolences.

Many of us know that Steve Jobs was fired from his own company, right after he created the software development company: NeXT and Lucasfilms Computer Graphics, better known now as Pixar.

Surprisingly, Apple bought NeXT in 1997, bringing Steve back to his own company . When he managed to return to office, Apple went from near bankruptcy in the late 1990s to being the most valuable company in the world just before Jobs died.

Steve Jobs died at the age of 56, but Apple continues to make progress despite his absence . The giant of Cupertino has become his legacy and luckily he still has a lot to offer us.