Apple remains very focused on its augmented reality glasses according to this patent

Once again, we know details of a new Apple patent thanks to the guys at Patently Apple. In this case it is about augmented reality glasses , in a clear demonstration of Apple’s interest in this topic.

For some time now, Apple has been investing money and effort in augmented reality , for this purpose it has acquired a handful of companies familiar with the subject such as PrimeSense , FaceShift and Metaio and, although it is still early days, we already know of some advances in this field.

Apple remains very focused on its augmented reality glasses according to this patent
Apple remains very focused on its augmented reality glasses according to this patent

Driving with augmented reality glasses

The patent in question uses part of the technology owned by Metaio which as we said before, was acquired by Apple a few months ago and which was published today.

Although there are many technologies on augmented reality, in the case of this patent the use of the glasses along with some devices associated with it , allow a different experience.

This patent was filed with the U.S. Patent Office in April of this year and details are known today.
It describes a pair of glasses with a screen and a built-in camera , both elements working together. While the screen displays information, the camera detects the user’s hand movements allowing the user to interact with the system.

Apple patent showing how an augmented reality lens works

Thanks to this patent, it would be possible to perform all kinds of actions where the user with the glasses on only needs to walk and with his hands interact with the information that thanks to augmented reality is reflected on the semi-transparent screen located in front of his eyes.

What our life would be like with augmented reality glasses

In a first instance, one might think that its use would be linked mainly to maps or developments that allow users to walk around a city while observing different points of interest on their glasses, but the truth is that the possibilities are very great. At least we can see this in the first projects created by developers using ARKit, where we can see examples of games, measurement systems, product sales, among others .

As usual, Apple has a large number of patents . This does not mean that all of them will become a reality for the public, but in this case and seeing the latest movements of Apple in terms of augmented reality, I think we could be in front of the new product that we will see in the short term by Cupertino’s . An example of this is the news that talks about the damage that an Apple employee suffered from testing a prototype of augmented reality glasses .


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