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Apple Releases watchOS 2.0.1 to Correct Various Errors

It seems that Apple has rolled up its sleeves and decided to update all its operating systems. In addition to releasing OS X version 10.11.1 The Captain and iOS 9.1 have also taken the opportunity to update watchOS. The American company has released watchOS 2.0.1 , a version mainly focused on fixing several bugs.

If you are a smartwatch owner you can now download the new watchOS 2.0.1 directly from the watch application on the iPhone. This is the first update to the watch’s operating system since watchOS 2 was released a few weeks ago.

Apple Releases watchOS 2.0.1 to Correct Various Errors
Apple Releases watchOS 2.0.1 to Correct Various Errors

As expected, this version doesn’t include any major new features, but rather focuses on polishing up some details that were left over. Thus, watchOS 2.0.1 fixes some issues present in the previous version and improves the stability of the system, offering a better user experience.

What’s new in watchOS 2.0.1

With the new watchOS version 2.0.1 , several bugs have been fixed that caused excessive battery consumption, failures in setting the location or bad synchronization of calendars between the Apple Watch and the iPhone. A bug has also been fixed that caused a message sent through Digital Touch to be sent from the phone number instead of the associated email account.

Another bug that has also been corrected in watchOS 2.0.1 was that the heart rate sensors were permanently on after Siri had finished measuring the heart rate. In addition, a problem that caused instability when using a Live Photo as a watchface has been fixed .

Recommendations before updating the Apple Watch

Before you update your Apple Watch, like any other device, we recommend that you back it up in case there are any issues during the installation process. On the other hand, don’t forget that the watch battery must be at least 50%, be connected to the light and have the iPhone to which it is linked nearby , as the update is transferred via Bluetooth.

Then, as they say in MacRumors, go to the Watch app on the iPhone and in General – Software Update you’ll find the new watchOS version 2.0.1. Just wait for it to update, a process that may take a while.